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From the New York Times Bestselling Author Deepak Chopra, comes ‘Muhammad, A Story of the Last Prophet

Orphaned, illiterate and simply a “man among men”, Muhammad rose from the ashes of his origins to become the prophet who championed the world’s fastest growing religion.

Here’s your chance to get to know the man behind the faith in Chopra’s ‘Muhammad’. Buy your copy today!


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Listen to Deepak explain why he wrote the book:

Muhammad...appeals to me most because he remade the world by going inward.  That’s the kind of achievement only available on the spiritual path. In the light of what the Prophet achieved, he raises my hopes that all of us who lead everyday lives can be touched by the divine. The Koran deserves its place as a song of the soul, to be celebrated wherever the soul matters.
Deepak Chopra


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  • Author’s Note’ read what Deepak has to say about his subject matter and his intentions for writing the book.
  • Prelude’ in which Muhammad is given his divine mission through the Angel Gabriel

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Born into the factious world of war-torn Arabia, Muhammad's life is a gripping and inspiring story of one man's tireless fight for unity and peace. In a world where greed and injustice ruled, Muhammad created change by affecting hearts and minds.

Just as the story of Jesus embodies the message of Christianity, Muhammad's life reveals the core of Islam. Deepak Chopra shares the life of Muhammad as never before, putting his teachings in a new light. Following the historical record but offering a unique perspective, Chopra's "Muhammad" captures the historical prophet but more importantly show us why his teachings are more important now than ever before.

‘Muhammad’ garners rave reviews from critics and readers alike:

Chopra takes us into the past through the Prophet Muhammad’s journey and brings wisdom and perspective to an often misunderstood figure. His compassionate and clear depiction is a courageous undertaking and a valuable effort against the enemy of ignorance. An important and timely book, indeed.

—Greg Mortenson, New York Times bestselling author of
‘Three Cups of Tea’ and ‘Stones into Schools’

 Chopra’s grasp of Muhammad’s mission and life extends his range in a surprising direction; his popularization is welcome.”

- Publisher’s Weekly

Compellingly told, this is not only good storytelling, it also helps readers, especially non-Muslims, better understand the complexities and contradictions surrounding Islam.”

– Booklist

I am grateful that Deepak Chopra, instead of adding to the often useless pile of biographies, has crafted an absorbing novel based on Muhammad’s life. Any reader will come away better informed both about the prophet himself and about Islam,the world’s second-largest religion.”

—Harvey Cox, Hollis Research Professor of Divinity at Harvard University and author of ‘The Future of Faith’

It’s worth discovering Muhammad through Deepak Chopra.”

—Ayaan Hirsi Ali, bestselling author of ‘Infidel’ and ‘Nomad’

As a scholar and storyteller extraordinaire, Deepak Chopra portrays a morally courageous yet highly human messenger of God. Chopra shows that neither revering nor reviling Muhammad will unlock the meaning he embodied. So what will? Chopra’s answer is bound to challenge Muslims and non-Muslims alike.”

—Irshad Manji, director of the Moral Courage Project,
New York University

Deepak’s pen weaves a timeless tale of mystical consciousness that dazzles the mind and elevates the soul. A must read for anyone who yearns to see with the heart. ‘Muhammad’ is perhaps Deepak Chopra’s most provocative and most inspiring historical novel yet. A masterpiece of literary fiction.”

—Salman Ahmad, founder of Pakistani rock band Junoon
and author of ‘Rock & Roll Jihad’


One of the most influential spiritual leaders of our time, Deepak spins Muhammad’s historical record into a captivating re-telling of his life and teachings from the first person perspective of those who knew him.  You’ll experience what it was like to live in the time and presence of the great prophet himself and you’ll walk away with, a better understanding of the origins of Islam and Muhammad, and a cure for “us-versus-them thinking.”


Deepak Chopra is a world-renowned authority in the field of mind-body healing, a best-selling author, and the founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. Heralded by Time Magazine as the "poet-prophet of alternative medicine"

A global force in the field of human empowerment, Dr. Chopra is the prolific author of more than fifty-five books, including fourteen bestsellers on mind-body health, quantum mechanics, spirituality, and peace. Dr. Chopra's books have been published in more than eighty-five languages. His New York Times bestseller Peace Is the Way won a prestigious Quill Award, and The Book of Secrets was awarded the grand prize at the 2005 Nautilus Book Awards; his bestselling novel, Jesus: A Story of Enlightenment, was released in 2008. He is a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and Washington Post On Faith and contributes regularly to and the Huffington Post.

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